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We use the power of biology to create healthy, non-petroleum-based compounds.

Clean sustainable, eco-friendly taurine molecule made by fermentation.
Turning Away from Petroleum

Not all ingredients in “healthy” products are derived in healthy ways. Petroleum-based chemicals are used as the building blocks for a vast number of compounds that are used in our everyday living. Drilling for oil and natural gas, using petroleum-based chemicals, and burning fossil fuels have widespread human and environmental health impacts. Why should we support health threats in the production of compounds that we trust for our health and well-being?


A Bio-based Process

At Natáur, we use renewable resources. Our process does not use hazardous or toxic chemicals, nor does it use fish or animal parts, and it does not leave residual metals. Our proprietary platform technology uses harmless microbes as factories to produce nutrients and other bio-active compounds.

Natáur's Platform Technology
Platform Technology_edited.jpg
The Science Behind the Solution

A Proprietary Solution for Bio-based Products

Using modern biotechnology we fashion the molecular blueprint used by nature to make bio-active molecules in microbes. Our process results in safe microbial strains that produce nutrients and transport them outside the cell.


The microbes are grown in a fermentor, a large stainless-steel vessel, with sugars and natural compounds. The nutrients are released into the solution, collected and crystallized using reusable materials and
non-hazardous material.


Our fermentation process is similar to the processes used to make hundreds of safe and environmentally friendly products used in everyday life, such as the enzyme, rennet, for cheese production, alpha-amylase for corn syrup production, insulin for diabetes, and many amino acids and sweeteners. 

Taurine made by a fermentation process is environmentally friendly.
Intellectual Property

Natáur has worldwide, exclusive rights to 5 patents that cover the utilization of a wide range of genetic blueprints found in nature for nutrient production in microbes:

US11771114B2 - Issued October 3, 2023; Turano, FJ

US11220691 - Issued January 11, 2022; Turano, FJ; Price, MB


US11078547 - Issued August 3, 2021; Turano, FJ

US10874625 - Issued December 29, 2020; Turano FJ,

US10092527 - Issued October 9, 2018; Turano FJ,

Supported by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and TEDCO

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