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We envision a cleaner world with a healthier, natural taurine product.
Nataur's founders want to preserve nature and use the power of nature to solve everyday problems
Our Story

Natáur was founded on a shared desire to preserve the naturalness of nature. Each of Natáur's founders has a strong background in modern science, understands its power to solve everyday problems, and brings to the company distinctive skill sets. Kathleen identified taurine as a critical nutrient for human and animal wellness and in need of a sustainable production solution. Frank's expertise in molecular biology and biotechnology allowed him to design and lead a team to make safe microbes that function as clean factories to produce naturally occurring taurine. Daphne, with her strong business acumen coupled with a rich scientific background, saw the commercial potential for natural taurine.

Nataur uses molecular biology and biotechnology to make safe microbes as clean factories to produce naturally occurring taurine as an ingredient or supplement
Our Offering

Our proprietary technology, protected by 4 patents, is the result of 5 years of NSF-supported R&D by Natáur's team of accomplished scientists in amino acid biosynthesis, metabolic engineering, and fermentation. Our seasoned business team is ready to bring a natural taurine product to market, either through licensing the taurine manufacturing process including microbes containing complete biosynthesis pathway and know-how for purification/ formulation or through the sale of ready-to-use taurine, produced by contract manufacturers.


Our team is experienced in metabolic engineering, fermentation, and commercialization.

Kathleen Turano, PhD

Kathleen Turano, PhD co-founded and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Nataur, President of Plant Sensory Systems and former professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Over 35 years of experience in assembling and leading innovative teams that combine cutting-edge technology with basic science to deliver solutions for healthy living. 

Chief Executive Officer

Daphne Preuss, PhD

Frank Turano, PhD

Chief Research Officer

Gregg Bogosian, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Chief Commercial Officer

Daphne Preuss, PhD, PhD co-founded and Chief Commercial Officer (COO) at Nataur and former CEO and Co-Founder at Chromatin and Professor at the University of Chicago

Ag biotech executive leader, Over 30 years in plant biotechnology, including 20 years in agribusiness. Established alliances with top-tier agriculture and biotechnology companies; developed multiple brands and product pipelines

Frank Turano, PhD, co-founded and Chief Research Officer (CRO) at Nataur, CRO at Plant Sensory Systems and former associate professor at GWU and geneticist at USDA

Expertise in biochemistry and molecular biology. Inventor on 10 patents that optimize metabolic pathways for the sustainable production of amino acids and other small naturally occurring bioactive molecules. 

Gregg Bogosian, PhD, Scientific Advisor at Nataur, former Research Director, Chemistry and Animal Agriculture at Monsanto

Broad and deep experience in fermentation processes for manufacturing. Developed processes for many fermentation-based products including proteins, nucleic acids, and amino acids. Inventor on over 30 patents.

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