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Taurine is an essential ingredient for everyday life.
A Large and Fast-Growing Market

Natáur provides the only sustainable and eco-friendly source of taurine that can be produced at scale and used in local and global businesses.

Taurine is an essential nutrient, naturally occurring in animal products. As we shift to more plant-based diets, taurine must be added as a supplement to maintain healthy taurine levels. 

Until now, nearly all of the taurine has been produced from petroleum in a process that pollutes the environment with hazardous waste.

Our solution for consumers, manufacturers, and the environment is Natáur's bio-based taurine, which is eco-friendly, safer, and locally accessible. 

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Taurine for Nutrition

Taurine is considered a “longevity vitamin". Taurine strengthens the immune system and promotes heart, muscle, and microbiome health. Taurine supplementation restores taurine levels, which are lower in aging, vegetarian diets, and chronic diseases.

Taurine, a longevity vitamin, promotes health of immune system, heart, muscle, and microbiome.
Essential taurine added to infant formula or baby formula for retinal and brain development in humans.


Taurine in Infant Formula

Taurine is essential for the normal retinal and brain development of humans and is one of the most abundant free amino acids in human milk. Since infants cannot synthesize taurine, it is added to most human infant formulas. 


Taurine in Personal Care Products

Taurine is added to skin creams to reduce free radical damage, boost circulation, and help with cell rehydration. Taurine is also used to treat acne and other skin diseases. In hair products, taurine is used for its role in strengthening hair and promoting hair follicle growth.

Taurine added to skin cream to prevent free radical damage, boost circulation, and promote rehydration.
Taurine is required ingredient in cat food and added to dog food for heart health


Taurine in Pet Food

Taurine is critical for normal vision and heart health. Because cats can't synthesize it, taurine is a required ingredient in cat food (FDA, AAFCO). Taurine has also been shown to improve heart health in dogs and is found in several major brands of dog food and nutritional supplements.


Taurine in Functional Food & Beverages

Taurine is a key ingredient in all major brands of energy drinks. Energy drinks are reported to improve mental focus, alertness, anaerobic and/or endurance performance.

​Taurine is a key ingredient in energy and sport drinks for increased mental alertness and improved endurance performance.
Alternative protein burgers


Taurine for Alternative Proteins

Alternative proteins, a fast-growing multi-billion-dollar market, are made from plants, fungi, or single cells. Missing from each of these sources is the essential nutrient, taurine. To ensure good health, alternative protein products will require taurine supplementation.

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