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Inspired by Nature and Mobilized by Science: Healthy, Sustainable Solutions

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Natáur uses its proprietary Platform Technology to create eco-friendly, healthy compounds. First product to market is Bio-based Taurine.
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Petroleum is the past

Petroleum-based technologies originate from 19th century industrial solutions that rely on limited and non-renewable resources.


Nataur’s natural taurine avoids consumers and environmental problems associated with taurine production.

Natural is the future


Natáur technology is powered by 21st century biology-based solutions that use clean and renewable resources. 

Taurine is an essential nutrient that is lacking in vegan diets and plant-based food

Natáur is bio-based


Fermentation enables our safe microbes to serve as bio-factories for
nutrient production.

Industries We Serve
Taurine, a longevity vitamin, promotes health of immune system, heart, muscle, and microbiome.



Functional Food & Beverages

Taurine added to skin cream to prevent free radical damage, boost circulation, and promote rehydration.

Personal Care

Essential taurine added to infant formula or baby formula for retinal and brain development in humans.

Infant Formula

​To ensure improved wellness and good health, alternative proteins will require taurine supplementation.

Alternative Proteins


Pet Food


Sustainability is important to consumers worldwide. 80% of consumers base purchase decisions on environmental impact, social responsibility, or inclusiveness. 


Product developers and supply chain managers need to make their products more sustainable and eco-friendly to remain competitive.


Businesses are moving away from petroleum-based products and ingredients to meet consumer demand.  

Our Solution

Our sustainable compounds provide environmentally friendly ingredients for use in a variety of markets, while being competitively priced.

Clean sustainable, eco-friendly taurine molecule made by fermentation.
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